Medium-bright acidity with flavors of dried cherry, caramel, hazelnut and nougat.


Country of Origin: COLOMBIA

Located in a biological Conservation Corridor, Valle del Cauca lies between the National Park of Tatama and "serrania de los paraguas".  Some years ago, this region was identified by Conservation International as one of the two main conservation corridors in Colombia.

Farmers in Valle del Cauca are strongly aware of the importance of the preservation of natural resources, water management and friendly environmental practices.  The region was once a prominent producer of coffee, but much of the land is now dedicated to producing sugar cane.

This coffee was decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Process.  The process uses ethyl acetate - an organic compound found in sugar cane - remove 97% of the caffeine from coffee beans.  The process tends to leave a pleasant, sweet flavor.