Sadi was a loyal companion for 15 years.  She was rescued from the humane society at 6 weeks of age.  She was a fun loving, energetic, border collie mix and as she aged, her physical capabilities dissipated slowly.  Her love and personality never wavered.

She passed on, after living a full loving life.  She left such an impression, that we felt it was only right to give back to other senior dogs, who deserve a peaceful and loving life in their final years.

When you select any coffee in the Senior Dogs Collection, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Manny Fund at A Purposeful Rescue.  Your bag will also, contain Sadi's blue paw print of approval.

What is The Manny Fund?

Sadly, senior dogs are surrendered to shelters every day and most of them go unnoticed. Often times, sick and senior dogs end up in shelters because their owners lack the financial resources to provide medical care or even the cost of humane euthanasia. The Manny Fund was set up to help senior and medical needs pets and their owners by keeping them out of the shelters and in their first (forever) homes. A Purposeful Rescue's vow, is that Manny will be remembered, and that his story can serve as a reminder of the countless other dogs who also need our help.